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Vias Groups is proud to announce that we have a tendency to follow the newest trends in business and supply consumer-centric Mobile Applications. We have a tendency to square measure the specialist, Mobile Application Development Company that gives full-spectrum service across numerous classes like utilities, business and particularly payment primarily based applications including Android Application Development and Blackberry Application Development.

The use of mobile devices has become a necessary part for our existence. The whole world is moving towards higher movability and remote access. The necessity of cell phones has enlarged such a lot that folks have started line of work them life partners and square measure exploitation them in most areas of their life.

During a similar fashion, primarily based applications became a very important side for all businesses. Having these applications promote an honest image and provides users direct, all over access to the services rendered by the business, each just in case of business-to-business and business-to-consumer markers excluding being promptly offered, these applications should be easy and intuitive to use.

Developing applications for android system may be a discouraging task by all manners. It involves twiddling with the insufficient controls these devices supply besides compensating with the reduced power that their processors supply.

A large array of screen resolutions must be thought-about and catered for. However, with in accomplishment of many android Development comes,Vias Groups has gained each expertise and fame within the space of Android Application Development. We got designed and developed applications for a range of Android versions and own up so far physical and intangible IT infrastructure.


Our Android Development Services Includes:


  • Custom Andriod Application Development
  • Android transmission Application development
  • Android gambling Application Development
  • Android development Services
  • Android device Development Services
  • Android Support & Maintenance Services
Mobile app Development


Responsive Design

Incorporate responsive design into your app development so that all users receive a stellar experience.

Front end and the backend server logic

A complete mobile app framework includes not only the front end but powerful back end server software for comprehensive workflow execution, data integration, server-powered data calculation, and so on.

Develop native apps for all platforms

Take advantage of inherent functionality of mobile devices, such as sending emails or texts, signature capture, camera integration, geolocation, and so on, you’ve got to develop native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows.


We provide customized application development ranging from asset tracking to advertising, gaming to messaging and voicing, GPS to multimedia applications. Our team of Android app developers has designed for both web apps and native apps.


Android business apps are developed to help multitasking to suit business needs, which can increase the productivity with less dependence on time and place. The apps can help to access the files and multiple devices across various locations to get the information instantly.

Push Notifications

Push notifications tend to inspire immediate action like exclusive promotions, special offers. You can pair up this feature with analytics, and you would see a significant boost in sales in no time.