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Event Ticketing Solution

Customizable Tickets and Confirmation Emails + SMS + plus Barcode Scanning and Check-in Tracking

Control access to your event by generating a barcode or QR code for each ticket and validating that tickets by scanning it at the door from mobile app. Includes advanced messages and email.

Do not spend hours checking-in attendees at the door with a piece of paper or spreadsheet. Event Smart mobile apps, Bar/QR Code Ticket Scanning generates a unique barcode for every ticket. These barcodes or QR codes can be used to validate a ticket purchase and record attendance. Your audience can bring the barcode on paper format to be checked-in and it only takes seconds.


Paper-less events

Potentially paper-less events which simplifies the process and reduces costs.

Faster check-in process

Faster check-in process for you and attendees, saving you both time and money.

Better tracking

Better tracking because human error is removed the the check-in process and a registration record is kept for all attendees.

Speed and efficiency

App are designed for Speed and efficiency and scan from both paper tickets and the screens of mobile devices.

Read barcodes in fractions of a second

Speed + Accuracy + Versatility. Read barcodes in fractions of a second, including small, dense, damaged, partially obscured and poorly printed barcodes – even at extreme angles.

Validates IDs in the cloud

Real-time integration quickly validates IDs in the cloud, generally in under a second.